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Fusion Thetics Inc.: Recycled Material Specialists

Fusion Thetics makes Plastic Lumber out of recycled scrap plastic. We created (and create) our own recycling equipment to allow us to recycle a wide range of plastics, and turning them into high quality Plastic Lumber of solid polyethylene plastic.

We are committed to safety and take pride in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and diverting plastics from landfills.

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Construction Grade

Our Plastic Lumber is construction grade – tough and versatile, resistant to moisture, insects, ammonia, oil, gas, and it has a fire rating of 145 degrees F. It does have an Ontario Engineer Stamp.

Plastic Lumber performs like wood – only better. Its use is only limited by your imagination.
No special tools are required, and it will not split, crack, rot or leach.

Warning NotePlastic Lumber cannot be used to hold up a second story deck, or as a support beam in a building.

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