About Fusion Thetics Inc.

Fusion Thetics is an innovative family owned and operated company-based in Fergus, Ontario, Canada. The company was incorporated in 2007. Fusion Thetics is making a significant positive impact on Ontario’s environment while producing “green” products for the commercial, industrial, agricultural, marine and residential markets.

“Our mission is to recycle what are deemed non-recyclable scrap plastics and re-use the materials in affordable, high-quality end products – thereby helping to alleviate the growing environmental problem of disposal.”

With over 50 years of combined years of plastic experience, we have achieved ways to reduce the amount of material going to land fill.

Some items we are recycling are:

  • Keurig coffee pods – we separate the coffee for composting and recycle the plastic into Plastic Lumber;
  • Nespresso aluminum goes to the smelt plants to be processed into usable aluminum;
  • Cannabis containers recycled and processed into plastic lumber;
  • Oil bottle, pail and paint pales recycled and processed into plastic lumber.

Recycling equipment is custom designed and built in-house to accommodate the specific needs of recycling many different items that normally go to landfills.

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