Producing Superior Products

Fusion Thetics’ Plastic Lumber products are extremely tough and versatile. Their superior strength and flexibility makes them ideal in applications where moisture and mildew are problems, and where wood cracks and breaks under stress.

Plastic Lumber has undergone extensive laboratory testing to verify its superior strength and versatility. Izod impact, flexure, leachate and flame spread are just a few tests performed, which will help you determine the appropriate applications for commercial and industrial use. Because Plastic Lumber is comprised of linear low density polyethylene (PE) – and high density PE common to other Plastic Lumber products – it is more flexible and will not crack under extreme impact and weather conditions. It is available in five sizes and two colours.

Physical property testing shows that Plastic Lumber is resistant to ammonia, oil and gas. It is mold and fungi-resistant. Testing has been completed to show its flexibility. Plastic Lumber is just as slippery when wet as wood surfaces – which makes it a perfect replacement for wood and composite products on decks, boardwalks, wheelchair access ramps – even loading dock floors and truck ramps. It can even be submerged.

Plastic Lumber has a fire rating of 145 degrees F which is better than many wood products on the market today. Because the boards are solid polyethylene plastic – NOT polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – they do not release toxins when burned. Standard fire-fighting methods can be used.

While Plastic Lumber does not yet have CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) approval for decking across Canada, it does have an Ontario Engineer Stamp. Permit approval for decking is the responsibility of your local Building Inspector. Many communities have approved Plastic Lumber for decking – even without CCMC approval. Check with your local municipal office for further information.

If you require full documentation of laboratory testing, contact Fusion Thetics Inc.

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