Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does using Plastic Lumber help the environment?

Plastic Lumber is made from recycled oil and paint pail, white agricultural bale wrap and greenhouse film – two materials that were once considered un-recyclable. Millions of pounds of these plastics are sold in Ontario each year – and the scrap was landfilled or, worse yet, burned. Our collection and recycling program is helping to eliminate this environmental problem.

Is Plastic Lumber a composite lumber?

No. Composite boards are made of plastic and wood or other organic material. Plastic Lumber is made entirely of polyethylene plastic – no wood fill or other plastic polymers are added. So it’s better than a composite!

How is Plastic Lumber different from other recycled plastic lumber on the market today?

Other recycled plastic boards contain plastic from blue box recycling programs, which include polymers like polystyrene and PET plastic from pop bottles. These plastics do not mix well, and boards made from the blue box program often have large air holes, and chunks of contaminants may be visible. That plastic lumber is high-density polyethylene, which makes it brittle in cold temperatures. Our Plastic Lumber is unique in that it is only one polymer – 90% polyethylene (PE) plastic. Because it is mainly linear-low density polyethylene, it has greater flexibility under extreme temperatures, and is stronger and more durable.

Do I need special tools and fasteners to work with Plastic Lumber?

No. Most standard wood-working tools can be used. We recommend a carbide-tipped blade for cutting. Deck screws and nails work well, and pre-drilling is not necessary. However, if you want to disassemble your project, we recommend you pre-drill. A jigsaw will work but we recommend a router – even plane the boards – for a custom look.

Can Plastic Lumber be painted?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. If painting is required, use paint designed for plastic. The durability of the paint will depend on the application.

Can Plastic Lumber be used in all construction applications?

No. Plastic Lumber cannot be used in load-bearing situations. For example, it cannot be used to hold up a second story deck, or as a support beam in the wall of a building. Here are some applications that Plastic Lumber can be used for.

Does Plastic Lumber shrink or expand with temperature changes?

Yes, all plastic lumber products exhibit some degree of expansion and contraction due to temperature extremes. Lab results show that with Plastic Lumber there is greater shrinkage in cold temperatures, than expansion in heat. Shrinkage and expansion occur lengthwise, and Plastic Lumber resumes its original size with the original temperature. Shrinkage can be reduced by using more fasteners throughout the length of the board.  

Is Plastic Lumber expensive?

Plastic Lumber pricing is comparable to that of composite products – and in fact, it is less expensive than some.

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