Innovative and Affordable

Tough and durable Plastic Lumber can be used in any non-load bearing applications where wood and composites are used today. While it is construction grade, Plastic Lumber cannot be used to hold up a second story deck, or as a support beam in a building. If you are unsure of your intended application, consult your local building inspector.

See how easy Plastic Lumber from Fusion Thetics is to work with and you’ll quickly understand the benefits of this revolutionary environmental product.

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No special tools are required:

Plastic Lumber

  • is easy to cut, drill, miter, route and plane using standard wood working tools.  A circular saw with an 80-tooth carbide tipped blade provides good clean cuts.
  • requires no special fasteners; decking screws or galvanized nails work well. No pre-drilling is necessary. However, if you want to disassemble your project, we recommend pre-drilling.
  • will not split if you insert a nail or screw at the edge of the board.

Plastic Lumber is available in several dimensions and two colours: Grey and Prairie Sand.

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