Committed To Safety

All of us at Fusion Thetics take pride in the quality of the products and services we provide for our customers. We are also proud of the safety record we have achieved. Attention to safety is an on-going priority for the company. We are fully committed to maintaining a safe workplace for our employees, a place where accidents and injuries are eliminated or kept to a minimum.

To assure that our excellent safety record continues, we must incorporate into our operations the latest safety regulations. Be constantly aware of what constitutes good safety practices in our jobs. Maintain effective communications among our employees about the importance of correcting problems that could cause injuries.

The safety program involves everyone who works here. It is everyone’s responsibility to help enforce personal protective equipment requirements, review safety training programs and conduct safety inspections..

When it comes to safety at Fusion Thetics, we are all in it together. All of us need to actively participate to make it work. We owe this to our families, our livelihoods, and our own well-being.

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